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Natura Bissé Facials

  • Discover the world of Natura Bissé Discover the world of Natura Bissé

    Natura Bissé was founded in 1979 by Ricardo Fisas, the owner of Spanish luxury skincare company. The company has created its carefully selected, high quality, highly concentrated in active agent products by considering the needs of the specialists of the profession.
    As a result of the continuous researches, the company discovered the essential needs of skin, which helped them to create one of the world’s leader brand, the Natura Bissé.
    NB is now available in more than 35 countries worldwide and used by celebrities and professional make-up artists on Red Carpet events.


  • Diamond Energy Facial Diamond Energy Facial

    Natura  Bissé’s most exclusive and sumptuous facial was specially designed to replace aesthetic treatments, made with components strengthening cells by bioenergy (super ATP) and defensing them with DNA protection.  This Red Carpet Ready facial is favored by many Hollywood celebrities because of its immediate lifting and skin tightening effect. It also provides a relaxation for the soul & mind with the flavor of Mediterranean flowers and lavender.

    HUF 48.000 | EUR 160 / 60 min / person

  • O2 Relaxation O2 Relaxation

    Revitalizes dull or dehydrated skin with the power of pure oxygen. Cleanses skin exposed to lifestyle in big cities and gives back its natural radiance by a large dose of oxygen and blue-green spirulina algae.

    HUF 28. 000 | EUR 93 / 60 min / person

  • Citrus Essence Citrus Essence

    Antioxidant treatment with the power of 100% pure Vitamin C, stimulates collagen production, reduces inflammation and deeply hydrates skin.

    HUF 34.000 | EUR 110 / 60 min / person 

  • The Skin Comfort The Skin Comfort

    Soothing treatment with the benefits of chamomile, elder Berry and green tea extract for sensitive and irritated skin. Strengthens the self-defense mechanism and preserves natural hydration of skin.

    HUF 32.000 | EUR 103 / 60 min / person

  • Essential Shock Essential Shock

    Anti-aging treatment with essential bio-identic nutrients – collagen, elastin, 11 types of amino acids - reinforcing skin to preserve its solidity, hydration, refining wrinkles and minimalizing pores.  Due to its immediate lifting effect, the treatment redefines the contour of face, makes it rejuvenated and wrinkle-free.

    HUF 34.000 | EUR 110 / 60 min / person

  • For more information or to book any of the offers, please contact the Buddhattitude Spa:
    (+36) 1 799 7300, spa@buddhabarhotel.hu


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